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AppProp has developed an innovative, patented property management App  which reduces property management costs while improving service delivery.

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Property Management Services

AppProp schedule demo mobile mockupsThe AppProp App facilitates services between the Bodies Corporate, Home Owners and the HOA’s of Lifestyle Estates with patented technology that will provide efficient and transparent communication between the managing entity and residents on matters relating to the successful operation of residential living.

We pride ourselves on providing the best possible support and service to Corporate bodies with a clear view to creating transparency, easy access to information, trackable performance of managing agent, related contractors & suppliers of services, simplified communication between owners and management while reducing the overall property management costs through innovative technology.

We offer three tiers of services, allowing you to select what type of managing agent service you require. Each customer is unique and their requirements for property management differs. We are able to scale our services to suit your exact requirement.


How we work

Our take on process is designed to ensure a seamless and painless hand-over process in 6 easy steps

How we work

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